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Are you looking to share your latest work with the world?
Do you have a cook book or children’s book that could use the finishing touches? We understand how hard authors work to create their books, so let us take care of it. Collateral London is here to help guide you through the entire publishing process from start to finish. Our team includes creative in-house illustrators, graphic designers and all the other essential services required for high-quality publishing standards. So sit back, relax and know that we are taking great care of your masterpiece.

Collateral London is the Go-To Publisher for Authors

Collateral London is the solution for authors looking to release their work with ease.

Our experienced in-house team of illustrators, graphic designers and other professionals guarantee a smooth publishing process for your cook book or children’s book, ensuring that all your hard work will be seen by the world.

Take the hassle out of publishing by choosing Collateral London and get your creative masterpiece out there!

Our Experienced Illustrators Who Can Make Your Book Come to Life

Take the stress and hassle out of illustrating your new book with Collateral London.

Our talented in-house illustrators know how to bring colour and life to any vision and concept.

Whether it’s a cook book that showcases your collection of tantalising delicacies, or a mysterious children’s book full of exciting adventures, our illustrators are capable of inspiring wonder with their intricate works of art.

Overflowing with imagination and technical skill, your vision is sure to be captured perfectly by our team of experienced artists.

Our In-House Graphic Design Team

Have you ever wanted to have your creative work displayed on a bookstore shelf or in stock at your local library? It’s never been easier than with Collateral London.

Our in-house graphic design team takes the hassle out of publishing a book.

They can help bring your ideas to life through captivating layout and designs for both printed copies and e-book.

With their experience and expertise, you’ll be able to watch your book become an enduring part of the literary world – starting from the first sketches through to realised product.

So don’t wait any longer – take advantage of our services and make your dreams a reality today.

Why You Should Choose Collateral London to Publish Your Book

Working with Collateral London to publish your book offers many benefits for authors looking for a reliable and experienced publisher.

In addition to the quality printing service and finished product, you’ll also have access to our experienced design team for title design, copy-editors to make sure your content is concise, accurate and error-free, a network of distribution channels and marketplaces that’ll provide global coverage for your book and even publicity assistance if desired.

On top of this, Collateral London promises great customer service throughout the process and reliable timelines so you can rest assured that your book will be printed on time no matter how tight the timeline may be.

All these benefits make teaming up with Collateral London a smart choice for authors looking to get their work published without having to worry about any detail.

We Take Care of All the Little Details

If you’re planning on publishing a new book, have no fear – we will take care of all the little details.

We understand your time and energy may be limited during this important creative process, so our friendly team is ready to help bring it to life.

From determining the ISBN number to designing an attention-grabbing cover and setting up printing services, we can do it all for you.

Let us do the work so you can focus on what matters most: finishing your book!


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