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Manic Minute

We started working with Manic Minute while they were creating a time based card game. We designed and built a digital version of this game to go on their website. We also redesigned their website and created an online shop for them to sell the physical version of the game.

Henlle Haute

Henlle Haute is a new restaurant located within the beautiful estate of Henlle Hall in Shropshire. Taking inspiration from their natural surroundings, we designed and built a brand new website for users to browse their crafted menus as well as to plan a visit and book a table. We added subtle effects such as parallax images and a logo animation to add to the style without distracting from the content.

House of Saab

House of Saab is a successful medical aesthetic clinic in Notting Hill, London. We took over management of their website to create new sections and pages which they can easily add content to. We also implemented various backend functionality to connect the website to their client and bookings databases to streamline their workflow.

Harper's Steakhouse

Harper’s Steakhouse are a chain of three restaurants in the south of England, which originally had three disconnected websites. We redesigned these from the ground up and combined them into a centralised website where you can easily switch between each location. We created a custom WordPress template to reflect the previous design, while also adding new elements and different colour themes for each location. This new template also made it straightforward for the client to update the menus and any other website content themselves.

Mumbai Maska

Mumbai Maska is a high end Indian restaurant which originally started in Chingford, London before expanding to more locations. We redesigned and built their website to reflect their sophisticated aesthetic, making use of the strong photos we captured of their beautiful creations. We also leaned into different scroll and text animations to elevate the experience of using the website.

Bombay Corner

Bombay Corner serve authentic Indian street food in Hoxton, London. We designed and built their website, making use of the vivid colours in their branding to create a bright colourful space to show off their food.

Eat Drink Flash

Eat Drink Flash is the photographic arm of Collateral London, and we designed and built the website to highlight the variety of commercial photographs in the extensive portfolios.

EEL Association

In Vogue is a retail, lifestyle and services showcase organised by EEL Association that is held each year in London. We designed and built the webpage for their 2022 edition, making use of the shapes and colour gradients in their branding to highlight the different packages that were available.

Stand Out with Professional Web Design

As a business owner or an e-commerce store, it is essential that you stand out from the competition in order to be successful.
The first step to achieving this is through having a website which is professional, modern and user friendly. That’s why investing in web design by Collateral London is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. With our experience and expertise in providing digital services across various industries, Collateral London’s creative team are your go-to designers when you need help creating an online presence that stands out and leaves a lasting impact on customers and clients.

Why Professional Web Design is Important

Professional web design is an invaluable asset for any business in today’s digital world.

It provides an excellent initial impression for visitors to a website, and can facilitate the brand identity of an organisation.

Expert design provides an aesthetically pleasing experience for visitors, helping emphasise key areas relevant to their needs.

Professional web design can also improve the level of user engagement and security on websites, making them more effective communication tools online.

Finally, it can provide businesses with valuable insights into consumer behaviour; giving a better understanding of how people interact with their services or products.

Overall, professional web design is essential in aiding businesses to reach their potential in the digital landscape; helping maximise efficiency and visibility across platforms.

Why Choose Collateral London

What sets Collateral London apart from other web design companies is our superior customer service and attention to detail when it comes to crafting impressive, custom-built websites.

Our experienced team of professionals work hard to ensure that our clients have a great online presence with a website design that reflects their business values.

Additionally, we understand the importance of workflow in creating smooth and efficient websites that are user friendly and easy to navigate.

We provide prompt feedback throughout the whole process and guarantee satisfaction with every step of the project.

With Collateral London at your helm you can be confident that your website’s reputation will be in capable hands.

How Quality Website Design Can Help Improve Customer Experience

Quality website design has the power to profoundly improve your customers’ experience.

Professional design from a trusted London agency like Collateral London ensures that your website is easy to navigate, presented cleanly, and intuitive.

This leads to a much more enjoyable user experience for your customers and improves their overall perception of your business.

Firstly, a high quality webpage will be designed with an aesthetically pleasing and balanced layout that increases visual satisfaction as well as improving readability.

Additionally, Collateral London’s UX team will use their wealth of expertise to help design a website that is tailored to suit users’ needs and expectations – so they can easily find what they are looking for with minimum effort or confusion.

All in all, improved customer experience with the help of Collateral London’s professional web design services is the key to ensuring profitability and success in any organisation.

Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Creating Their Own Website

Many businesses make the common mistake of underestimating the complexity and importance of professional web design.

Attempting to do it yourself can often result in a website that lacks the functionality, usability and design elements needed to create a successful online presence.

It is important to take advantage of the expertise that Collateral London offers if you want to ensure that your website does not become an obstacle for potential customers.

Our experienced professionals will work with you to craft a website with all of the quality components necessary for success.


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